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North East India around Bhutan. Dooars reign forms the gateway to Bhutan form India. Dooars Valley is especially noted for its wildlife sanctuaries, there are eighteen passages or gateway through which Bhutanese people living in the plains. This reign is divided by Sunckossh river into the eastern and the western Dooars,consisting of an area of 8800 km. The western Dooars is known as Bengal Dooars and the Eastern Dooars is known as Assam Dooars.

Points of interest in Doars

1. Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary: Jaldapara is the largest Wildlife Sanctuary in Dooars with an area of approx. 217 sq. kms. It is a home to almost 240 species of birds, 20 species of mammals and various species of reptiles and is specially known for the preservation of one horn rhinos.

2. Chilapata forest: on the way to Coochbehar, chilapata is just a few kilometers away from Jaldapara. The dense forest and its habitats have made Chilapata an important spot in Dooars.

3. Gorumara National Park: Gorumara is an important national park in Dooars. It has been given the status of a national park in 1992.Is situated in the bank of river Murti and Raidak. In this park you can have a jungle safari and enjoy the beauty of wild animals in the forest.

4. Jhulung and Bindu: Jhulong is a small village in Dooars located beside Jaldhaka river.It is also known for Jaldhaka hydral project. Jholung is popularly known for its beautiful valleys and the river flown through it.Bindu is another small village of Dooars at Indo Bhutan Boarder. Jhaldhaka river also flows through Bindu and is considered as a natursal boarder between India and Bhutan

5. Jayanti and Buxa Tiger reserve: At the eastern most of Doars valley there is Buxa Tiger reserve
the second largest Tiger reserve in West Bengal.It is having an area of 350 sq. km. with a core area of about 330 sq. km. within this 315 sq. km. is a sanctuary out of which about 115 sq. km. area has been declared as a national park.

6. Samsing Suntaley KholaTour: Samsing and Suntaley Khola are two beautiful places in Dooars situated just 30-40 km away from Chalsa. It can also be covered staying at Lataguri.