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The tourism industry has undergone rapid growth over the several decades. This is mainly due to the boarder-less world and desire to travel throughout the world. We are on the competitive market in rapidly growing industry of tourism. In this competitive market we with our dedicated, experienced and excellent staff and effective management we intend to provide adventure packages to the tourists. We try to give our best, high quality, comfortable and informative service to the clients needs and appreciate the natural environment.

Our Aim and Objectives

  • Our aim is to ensure people fulfill their desire to travel on their budgets and they appreciate our services and contact us again.
  • Provide enjoyable excursion/trips on minimum budgets.
  • Satisfy customers needs
  • Succeed in competitive market and provide best service.
  • Support to develop tourism .
  • Contribution towards society, community and environment.

Seenchel Wanderers is a private Tour and travels company owned by partners and is a partnership firm .The Directors are well qualified and have a good knowledge to serve people and fulfill the desire and want of the clients.

A little About Seenchel Wanderers.

The name has arrived from the place Darjeeling in India which is a name of a holy Lake and is believed to be sacred place of this place.
Wanderers means Desire to Travel so we decided to give the name.

Location and Facilities

At present the office is located at Salbari,near Buddist Monestry, Salbari bazar, Hill cart road NH 55 on the way to Darjeeling away from the overcrowded area.However our intention is to move into more accessible and attractive offices in a prime area. Our business is not too dependent on the location and the size of the office.